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Cover Story: Maureen Kempston Darkes has done something that few executives of American car companies have been able to do as of late: turn a profit. As  the highest-ranking woman in the auto industry and one of few female executives in a male-dominated industry, the President of General Motors Latin American, Africa and Middle East (GM LAAM) and GM Group VP  runs a region known for rocky economies, unstable governments and a lack of acceptance for women in power. More...

Exit Strategy - Susan W. Sweetser
For many years now, women have been a driving force behind the creation of new businesses and jobs. In fact, various studies have shown that female entrepreneurs are creating new businesses at a faster rate than their male counterparts.

His Turn - Jeff Gartonis
As a female manager, you want employees to be happy in their jobs. Let me suggest a more worthwhile goal: career contentment. Career contentment is a state of mind that enables your talent to enjoy their work without complaining. True contentment comes from within; it does not come from perks, programs, and pay managers and employers provide.

Green - Isabelle Albanese  
The 2008 Green Gap Survey, conducted by Cone LLC and The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, found that nearly 4 in 10 Americans will choose a product they believe is "environmentally friendly." Yet this survey also found that only 1 in 5 consumers actually understands what environmental messages are trying to convey.

Communications - Christine Limperis
Did you get my e-mail?” asked Carrie. “Yes, and I’m ignoring it,” replied Miranda.
“So far not impressed with the e-mail,” Carrie said with exasperation. This bit of repartee from Sex and the City ran through my head as I stared at my computer, re-reading a seemingly innocuous but particularly irritating message.

Internet - Nzengha Waseme
Like many women, I’m a natural multi-tasker. I run my business, raise my children and juggle many responsibilities throughout the day that get me in to bed after 2 am. But there are times when I must put away my “I can do everything” attitude. I must rely on my team of professionals to help me accomplish tasks that I’m not fully equipped to handle myself.

Online - Caroline Melberg
On-line reputation management has become the most important aspect of on-line marketing. You should incorporate this into your Internet marketing strategy today by doing the things that I will suggest in this article. If you are already doing these things, let this serve as a gentle reminder.

Book Review - Nicky Griffin
Women who seek leadership positions face difficult obstacles, explains Alice H. Eagly and Linda L. Carli, authors of Through the Labyrinth. Just a few decades back, a woman seeking professional advancement would run into a virtual “concrete wall.”

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