Ashley Stark Kenner: Launches With Style


Ashley Stark Kenner is the Creative Director of STARK, the legendary carpet and fabric company founded by her grandparents, Arthur and Nadia Stark, in 1938. Ashley was raised in New York City, and knew that she wanted to be part of the family business from a very young age. Her interest was nurtured by her grandmother, who frequently took her to the STARK showroom as a child to learn the business.

A life-long design enthusiast, Ashley redecorated her own bedroom when she was 14, and later, when STARK acquired the iconic fabric house Old World Weavers, Ashley was taught by its founders, Iris and Carl Apfel, everything there is to know about textiles. The Apfels often stayed with her late into the night, quizzing her on the nuances of jacquards and brocades. Ashley’s love of fashion greatly influences her work as STARK’s Creative Director, as she draws from current trends to develop designs and translates them into the most luxurious carpets and rugs.

“Design is just in my blood. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. Ashley Stark Home is an extension of me and everything that I love in the home. This launch means everything to me. I’m super excited. I feel like this is a culmination of my career.

2 thoughts on “Ashley Stark Kenner: Launches With Style”

  1. elaine weinstein

    It certainly helps to be born into the right family, but Ashley seems to have made the most of it. Not everything has to be rags to riches…riches to riches is also good…many people born with silver spoons end up squandering what they were given. In this case, the granddaughter was also given a work ethic and funding. Lucky girl and what an exciting career.

  2. You are spot on Elaine Weinstein. As the mother of four daughters and Nonna of five…i have always believed that a love of craft and a strong work ethic were the best legacy one can give. Riches are a close second,

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