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Susan Whalen Takes the HighLine at Pollack/Weitzner

The Decorative fabric business has been pretty much of an old boys network in the past…not the interior design part, which has always been evenly represented by all sexes…and not the international mills, which are usually family affairs run by sons and daughters, but certainly the American mills and wholesalers have skewed heavily male.  So


Michelle Gadsden-Williams Dreams Big, Plays Bigger

Michelle Gadsden-Williams has always been highly-motivated. That’s not to say that the Managing Director & Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at BlackRock has focused on professional goals to the exclusion of everything else — quite the contrary. She’s an extrovert, with close relationships with colleagues, mentors, her identical twin sister and her husband.


Rachel Balkovec Levels the Playing Field

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN5Q81Qo-zQ Young girls are often instilled with the belief that they can do anything they conjure up. That’s how we try to raise them. In an ideal world, this is certainly true, but in reality, it can be a bit more complicated. Big dreams can definitely lead to success, but when it comes to roles


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