Jamie Fischer

Jamie Fischer was an intern at womensbiz.US this past summer.  Now she’s back at Lehigh University as a Junior pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Psychology.  At womensbiz, she created content for this, our inaugural issue, truly using her course learning, extracurricular work on the Lehigh student newspaper and impressive internships in journalism in the New York area.

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We do what no one else does. We show the breadth and depth of remarkable women leaders. They are real women - with life stories to share - successes and failures, highs and lows. Their stories will empower more women to discover, accomplish and share their business dreams and goals.

In each issue we dive into a specific business segment. This issue focuses on Healthcare - certainly front and center in our lives. Future issues will focus on Finance, Marketing, Technology, Entrepreneurship ... Skills are transferable and there's so much to learn from the businesswomen in every issue.

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