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It took 21 years from our original launch and a hiatus of 15 years until we reengineered digitally to greet you today.  And here on the cusp of big change brought about by the emergence of a worldwide pandemic, Covid-19, we are taking a close look at our medical and emotional health.  And what do we see? A world where healthcare and biotech are at a crossroads as today’s miracle drug could be tomorrow’s medical dud. A world where Big Pharma continues to reel as former wonder drugs like Chantix, Vicodin, Accutane, Zantac, Lotrimin and Tinactin become persona non grata.  But we are focused on you and our launch issue icons who are very grata indeed.

Each of these women understands the meaning and impact of POWer… And each is powerful in her own right:

  • LaShonda Anderson-Williams, born in Alexandria of humble beginnings, who used her innate determination and sense of purpose to carve out a brilliant career in Sales for IBM and Microsoft. Her personal charisma and powerful presence boosted her up to even bigger horizons with another Wall Street darling, Salesforce.com.  There she builds colleague self-confidence and corporate sales as she builds Healthcare Industry programs– while pursuing another passion: bodybuilding!
  • Susan Hertzberg, marshalled a can-do attitude, prodigious sales skills and her left brain to leapfrog from sales to top management in one of the most exciting aspects of healthcare today —biotech.  As CEO of BrainScope, she saves patient lives with a specialized x-ray machine that does maxi work with a mini footprint. It can diagnose concussion or other head injury on-the -spot with a fraction of the radiation usually employed in traditional methods, with a fraction of anxiety for the patient and at a fraction of the cost to patient, hospital and insurers.
  • Dr Beverly Malone, a hands-on nurse before she became a PhD, and a Force in her own right, she served as deputy assistant secretary for health within the US Department of Health and Human Services under President Bill Clinton while today, as President and CEO of the National League for Nursing, Washington, DC, she guides and inspires an organization of 4 million nurses;  engaged in the biggest, fastest-growing, most portable, most in-demand and most lucrative profession for women in the world today as she helps build and secure their future.

Yes, these businesswomen—TRAILBLAZERS ALL–started with a dream and each, independently shares the Dr Beverly Malone mantra of Passion, Purpose and…POWer!  They are heroes.  We trust them with our lives.

We hope you enjoy our endeavor. There’s a lot more to come. We are stepping out into a much more crowded field than when we first launched in NYC in 2001 on the heels of 9-11.  My daughter Jennifer had produced her firstborn daughter only 9 months before.  And my firstborn granddaughter, Haley, turned 21 this year on October 26th—a day before her great-grandmother’s BD. Pre-med and a Journalism major at University of Texas in Austin, she interned for us this summer, representing the 4th generation in a family of women achievers!

What a proud dynasty we’ve got going!  Let us know what you think.


Elaine Taylor-Gordon

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