Under My Skin

Elise Krentzel’s fast paced memoir, Under My Skin has earned #1 new release in these categories: Biographies of Rock Bands, Music Business, Rock, Composers & Musicians, and Jewish life. She shares how she took charge of the tumultuous 1970s by making a name for herself as a rock journalist when still a teenager. As a kid, she was encouraged by her parents to sing, play music, and write, but she wasn’t allowed to be “herself.” Alienated, she hid her heart and learned to become a stranger in her own skin as the torment of early childhood taught her to mistrust everyone, especially herself.

This is an exciting and great read.  The Amazon reviews were all 5 stars and you can get it for Kindle for just $8.99.  This is the #1 best seller in the music category as well.

For a synopsis, click here.

Krentzel is a multiglot: author, ghostwriter, mentor, public speaker, and communications entrepreneur who has lived in five countries for over twenty-five years. Starting in Japan from 1977 to 1984, she owned a talent and booking agency, introduced punk rock, was a DJ and, music journalist. As Tokyo Bureau Chief for Billboard Magazine, Elise introduced the Sony Walkman and Laserdisc technology to a western audience during her stint.

After twenty years in digital travel publishing, lifestyle marketing, and public relations in Europe, she returned to the States and to her first love of writing. She has a soft spot for people (like herself) who were brought up in toxic households and brings the “fun” back into dysfunction. Elise is currently working on book two, “Moving From Wound to Wound.” of her memoir trilogy; she is the mother of one amazing son and currently resides in Austin, Texas, the “sixth country” she’s lived in.

“I used to be a drama queen, but now I’m just a queen.” – from Under My Skin

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